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“Kudos to Culligan for recommending our new reverse osmosis drinking water system. It's so convenient under our sink and with its own faucet. We certainly drink more water each day and notice improved taste in pretty much all the food and drinks we make.”

- Irene, Santa Maria​

“I appreciated the promptness of your technician for being on time. He was very knowledgable and friendly. My wife and I couldn't be happier with our new Culligan water softener.”

- Anthony W., Morro Bay

“Culligan was able to diagnose the issue with my well water and explain the results in a way that I could understand. The water expert was very helpful and provided the analysis with a no pressure experience. My water is now clean and I can feel safe knowing my family is using it everyday.”

- Kevin, Grover Beach

“Since our home is in an area where water softeners are regulated by the local government, we needed to seek an alternative. Culligan's soft water exchange service allows my home to enjoy all the benefits of soft water. Our skin is noticeably softer/smoother and the spotting is completely gone from our dishware when cleaning. THANK YOU Culligan Man!”

- Sandy, Paso Robles

“I'm so impressed with the quality service I have received from Culligan of Morro Bay. Every person at Culligan is professional, friendly, and polite; I've never seen anything like it!”

- Lynn Douglas, Morro Bay

“Your service person was very thorough and explained the process and workings of the unit. He was very friendly and efficient.”

- Wilfred & Marie Pimentel, Cayucos

“Getting soft water has been one of the best things we did all year, and your service has been exemplary!”

- Dane Jones, Los Osos

“We appreciate your strong professional ethic in resolving our problem. It is an example of extraordinary customer service which seems rare these days. We are enjoying our real soft water.”

- Bill & Connie Davis, Morro Bay

“Having come out of the service business, I recognize and appreciate when an organization is truly customer oriented. It’s obvious a lot of effort went into getting the right people. Well done!”

- Lawrence Taylor, Cambria

“Your staff has always been very professional and personable. I am very happy with your product, the water softening system for the whole house has been a blessing.”

- Melania Edwards, Cambria