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Rust Stains or Rotten Egg Smell

Let’s face it, if your home’s water is leaving behind rust stains or smells like rotten eggs it can be unpleasant to do everyday tasks like shower or brush your teeth. Fortunately, your Central Coast Culligan Man® is eager to help you tackle even the toughest water problems. With over 65 years of experience in the region, Culligan is the area’s water expert and understands the problems facing your community’s water.

High Iron Content

high iron in water

If you have red or brown deposits in your sinks or drains, then you most likely have a high concentration of iron in your water. An excessive level of iron is a common problem and the second most common problem in water after hardness. This means Culligan has a wealth of experience in dealing with high iron content water in your region. Watch out for these signs, as they are common indicators of too much iron in your home’s water:

  • Reddish or red-brown stains on your laundry, plumbing fixtures and cooking utensils
  • Yellow or orange-colored water
  • Metallic taste to your water

Smelly Water

high iron in water

As water makes its way from its source to your faucets, it can be exposed to a number of contaminants*. These can come from the miles of underground pipes that the water travels through or even the water source itself. No matter what your water has been exposed to, Culligan has the equipment and experience necessary to find a solution that’s perfect for your water. A few of the more common water odor problems are:

  • Rotten egg odor can be caused by hydrogen sulfide in the soil near your well
  • Musty, earthy or wood smell can be caused by dissolved solids
  • Chlorine smell can be caused by municipal additives
  • Detergent odor or water that foams can be due to seepage from septic tanks into your ground water well
  • Chemical smells and tastes can be due to high iron content or chemicals seeping into your water supply, such as industrial chemicals or pesticides

Remember, the only way to be sure of what’s in your water is to have it tested, and Culligan offers everyone a FREE water test. We will send your local Culligan Man out to your home to test your water.

Whether ridding your home of water that smells like rotten eggs or removing stain-causing iron from your sinks, Culligan has the tools and experience to take care of your home’s water needs. To be contacted by your local Culligan Man, just fill out our form or pick up the phone and call your local dealer's number.

*contaminants may not be in your water