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Kitzman’s Culligan Water and World Concern

Kitzman’s Culligan Water and World Concern are partnering to provide 20,000 people with clean water over 10 years. For every new customer, Kitzman’s Culligan Water will donate a year’s supply of clean water for one person.

“I am moved by the difficult reality people face all around the world because of unsafe water to drink. Providing clean water is affordable and makes a profound difference. I want to be a part of transforming as many lives as I can.” - Kitzman’s Culligan Water CEO Rob Kitzman

World Concern is reaching extremely remote communities where no other organizations are serving. In most of the impoverished places where World Concern works, meeting needs starts with water.

Every purchase from Kitzman's Culligan Water helps provide:

  1. Clean water
  2. Improved sanitation
  3. Hygiene training
  4. Deworming medicine

With healthy children, parents are able to work, earn income, and feed their families. It all begins with water. Increase the impact of this partnership with a gift. It costs just $20 to provide clean water to one person like Mohamad.

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